Do you sell off the floor?

Absolutely. We sell off of our floor.

Do you reupholster?

Yes. Reupholstering doesn’t always save you money, but if you have a comfortable piece that fits the space, then by all means let’s reupholster it.

Do you ever come out to the house?

Yes. We can help you with any size project, and by coming out that will speed the process for both of us. We may see something that will impact your decision for the room.

Do you have complimentary interior design service?

Yes, in most instances, our design services are complimentary.  We also offer full interior design services for a fee.  

Do you have area rugs?

Yes. We  have MANY area rugs on display for purchase or you may special order.  In addition, we host SEMI-ANNUAL TRUCKLOAD rug sales featuring all types of rugs from all over the world.  Sign up for our e-newsletter so you won’t miss out.

Do you have financing available?

Yes, we offer both 6 and 12 month deferred plans.  See us for all of the details.

If my special order doesn’t work, do I have to keep it?

Special orders are specially made to fit your specific needs and are not refundable or returnable. We have so many tools in our design center that our design professionals will do everything possible to help you make confident decisions.

Can I put any fabric on this upholstered frame?

Any fabric can be put on any frame. There may be an upcharge for cross vendering, however we want your end result to be right for you.