How to Make Human Hair Wigs


There are many reasons you may want to learn how to wig human hair. You may have a different style in your head that you want to try on your own. It’s also possible that your hair expert has, at one point or the other, damaged a human hair bundle you bought at a high cost, all in the name of making a human hair. Likewise, you may be a hairdressing enthusiast looking to start making money in the wig business. Regardless of why you want to learn how to make a human hair wig, having this knowledge is never a waste.

In the wig industry, human hair wigs are the most common because they give you the most natural look, and they last long. Also, they cost the highest possible prices because of the materials and the time put into making the human hair. Now, you can save yourself some money if you have the idea of the wig-making process of human hair. In this guide, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to making human hair wigs.

Step 1: Get the materials

The first thing you need to do is find the suitable materials to make the process. You can’t depend on your typical home materials if you want to make a wig. Some of the materials you will need include a measuring tape, a mannequin, the wig bundles, needle and thread, wig cap, and others.

Step 2: Measure the size of the wig with the wearers head

You can’t create a wig out of the blue; there has to be a target size. Our heads are different sizes. As a result, we can’t all wear the same wigs. Some will wear big-sized wigs, while others may wear smaller wigs. In most cases, we’ll advise that you have someone to measure the wig size correctly. To measure a wig size, you need loads of patience. You must measure the circumference around the head, the distance from the front to the head top, and the width between both ears.

Step 3: Transfer these measurements to your working mannequin

There’s no way you’re going to make a wig on the head of a wearer. So while you’re measuring the wig size, you should document it properly. That way, you can take the measurements and indicate them on the mannequin’s head.

Step 4: Arrange your wig cap

With the measurements you took, you can nail a ribbon around the head. With the circumference of this ribbon, you will put a wig cap on the mannequin. As much as possible, ensure the wig cap is adjustable but firm.

Step 5: Sort out the wig bundles

Arrange the type of human hair wig bundles you want and arrange them into straight sets so that it’s easy for you to sew on the wig cap. You can use drawing mats to keep it firm while you work.

Step 6: Sew your hair bundles to the Lace with a ventilating needle

After arranging the wig, use a needle and thread to carefully sew the wig you want based on your desired style. Ensure you’re knotting each side of the wig carefully and in different directions.


With the information in this guide, you know the basic processes involved in making a wig. However, we strongly advise that you try out your first wig with cheap items to speed up the learning process.