How to Wash a Transparent Lace Frontal Wig


Washing the transparent lace frontal wig is very important. The purpose of washing is to keep the 13×6 lace frontal wig clean and as a method of caring for the Brazilian frontal lace wig. There are two steps to wash our best cheap transparent lace frontal wig. This is the first time that you have received our new undetectable sheer lace wigs and washed them regularly every week.

As for how to wash the new transparent human hair lace frontal wig when we first received it, we all know the method, and it is easy because the popular frontal lace wig has not been installed on our head. But do you know how to wash your transparent lace frontal wig when the wig is on your head? Following this article, we will teach you the method.

Tips for washing the transparent lace frontal wig on your head

When washing the transparent lace frontal wig on your head, you should pay more attention to the delicate action and keep the best transparent lace frontal wig away from the hairdryer high-power electronics. Even deep hair is regularly groomed.

Now, let’s move towards the washing guide and steps in brief detail.

How to wash the transparent lace frontal wig on your head?

When your transparent lace frontal wig is installed on your head, you should wash it once a week to keep it clean. So if you are not in the shower but your affordable, transparent lace wig human hair needs washing, what should you do? We will walk you through how to wash the transparent frontal lace wig on your head step by step.

Prepare a basin of cool water, a bottle of high-quality shampoo, a bottle of high-quality conditioner, a piece of a clean and dry towel, and a wide-tooth comb.

Step-by-step guide:

  • First of all, check that the adhesive or glue is securely attached to your head and that there is no play, especially around the edges.
  • Then, add high-quality shampoo to freshwater, stir until foaming with a finger, squatting down, and putting head in the water. Leave your entire Brazilian sheer lace frontal wig in the water, wet your hair, and then gently hand pat your cheap sheer lace frontal wigs until your 13×6 lace frontal wig is free from dirt and oil.
  • Now, change another basin of clean freshwater, soak your head in clean water, wash the transparent lace wigs for sale until there is more foam on the head.
  • Then, apply a high-quality conditioner to the head, evenly distribute the conditioner on human hair with a sheer lace wig, keep it on the hair for about three minutes; you can gently massage the hair during this process.
  • Prepare another clean basin of freshwater, washing the undetectable sheer lace wigs until there is no more conditioner on the hair.
  • Using the clean, dry towel to cover the wig by 13×6 lace on the head, gently press the towel, let the towel absorb  80% water from the wet transparent lace frontal wig. Then release the wet sheer lace frontal wig, style the inexpensive sheer lace frontal wigs at this point, then stand in a well-ventilated area to air dry your hair.
  • The last step is to style and care for your best sheer lace wig.


From the above, we can see that washing a transparent lace frontal wig is very easy and simple. However, when it comes to washing your wigs when you have installed them on your head, it brings new challenges. In addition, there are many different ways of washing our Brazilian lace wigs on the market today.

We hope that this will help you keep your wig clean and looking its best. Remember to always use high-quality products when washing your wig, which will help your hair last longer.


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