Safety Tips To Consider When Cleaning With A Pressure Washer


A pressure washer involves the use of high-pressure water to remove dirt, dust, mold, etc., from surfaces. It is a powerful and efficient machine, suitable for cleaning large areas. You can use it for wood decks, garage floors, fences, bikes, and truck cleaning, to name a few.  Despite the efficiency, it has risks associated with it during the cleaning process. If handled poorly, you can incur injuries, but thankfully, they are all preventable. This post discusses the safety measure tips for a pressure washer.

Safety measures to take when using a pressure washer

As a first-time user, it’s crucial to understand how to handle the machine to avoid injuries. These safety precautions are standard worldwide, so they apply wherever you are as long as you are handling the tool.

1. Don’t aim the pressure washer wand at a living creature

The machine cleans different surfaces by releasing pressurized water through the nozzle. Different nozzles work differently to produce pressure, as some are more powerful than others. The red nozzle is notorious for causing dents on concrete surfaces, so there’s no doubt it will injure your body. Physical damage may not be evident, but the pressure can damage your body tissues. Therefore, always keep the wand facing down until you can control the pressure strength comfortably and you’re next to what you want to clean.

2. Dress in protective gear

As mentioned above, the 0-degree red nozzle is quite dangerous. You stand no chance of you or your garments remaining intact if you come into contact with it. Also, the injuries are not limited to the high-pressurized water spray only; the debris from the surfaces can get to you quickly and affect you. The protective equipment is made of firm and sturdy material to resist damages. They include boots, glasses, heavy-duty long pants and jacket, hearing protection, and gloves.

3. Choose the proper pressure washer nozzle

The pressure washer nozzle restricts water flow, hence creating pressure within it. The restriction formed results in increased velocity inside the hose causing pressure build-up. The pressure then forces the water out through the nozzle. Select a nozzle depending on the surface you want to work on. For example, when cleaning a truck, a nozzle with excessive pressure will damage its surface by making the paint peel off.

You can test out each nozzle until you get the right one. Start with the highest degree nozzle tip and adjust down depending on how each behaves. Alternatively, save yourself the work and unnecessary damage by seeking assistance from an expert.

4. Store the equipment well

Just like you care for yourself, you should protect the pressure washer. Ensure your storage area is dry and well ventilated, avoiding any contact with sparks. Remove the gas before storing it in your house and winterize it if the room is not heated. Keep the machine pump safe by using a pump saver if you plan to store it for three or more months.


Pressure washers are great equipment; however, you cannot underestimate their force. The force of the water can throw you off balance or directly injure you. Keep the nozzle away from you and use the proper one on a suitable surface. Follow strictly the tips above and seek medical treatment immediately in case of injury.


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