5 Easy Steps to Clean a Car Using a Pressure Washer

5 Easy Steps to Clean a Car Using a Pressure Washer

Like a good vehicle cleaning process, nothing freshens a car more than a pressure washer, instantly brightening it. Some people love to go all the way in and pamper their vehicles with a thorough wash and wax on the exterior. They also ensure that their cars are given a thorough wash on the interior, and they aren’t afraid to dig deeper into their pockets for the same. Such a process may seem too costly and time-consuming for some individuals, which is why this article will guide you on pressure washing your car. Here are five easy steps to follow when cleaning your car’s exterior using a pressure washing machine:

Step One: Choose the Correct Pressure Washer and Nozzle

Choose the correct pressure washer with the proper water flow in gallons per minute (GPM) and power as measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A good pressure washer is ideal for car cleaning, and it is far more effective than a garden hose. The safest pressure use for cars ranges from a PSI setting of 1200-1900. With this pressure, you are assured that washing your vehicle doesn’t damage the paint job. Also, choose the correct nozzle size that facilitates a gallons per minute flow (GPM) ranging from 1.4-1.6, as recommended by car cleaning experts.

Step Two: Park the Car in an Open Space Convenient for Washing

Park your car in an open space away from people, objects, and other motor vehicles you don’t want to splash the water on. Use a large driveway or street if you have no space within your compound to wash the car or if the open space available is too small. Remember to be close to an electric outlet that will power your pressure washing machine.

Step Three: Rinse Your Car With a Pressure Washer to Remove Stuck Debris on the Surface

Rinsing your car before applying any detergent is vital to remove the extra mud and debris, making car cleaning more difficult. Car cleaning experts use this trick often on a filthy car, and they recommend starting the pressure washing at 4-5 feet away. Then, you can move closer to the vehicle if the water pressure is satisfactory for cleaning your car. Remember to close the car trunk and all the doors and roll up the windows to prevent water from seeping into the car’s interior.

Step Four: Apply Detergent to the Car

Spray a car detergent onto the car, starting from the top and working your way down. You can pick one side to wash at a time or wash the entire vehicle straight away. Always allow the detergent to stay in the car for several minutes-usually 5 minutes are enough. Allowing the detergent to sit on the car helps remove stubborn dirt and grime that didn’t get rinsed out from the first pressure wash.

Step Five: Use the Pressure Washer to Rinse the Soap off the Car

After the 5 minutes of detergent-soaking have elapsed, it is now time to rinse the soap off the car effectively. Switch the washer tip to the 40-degree one and hold the washer at a 45-degree angle while rinsing from the top going downwards.


Those are the five easy steps to follow when washing your car. Within a short time, your car’s exterior will be bright, clean, and fresh-one would almost think it was done by a vehicle cleaning professional. All you need is a good pressure washer, essential equipment for car washing at home.


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